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Building a solid fence makes you a good neighbour, and it has always been that way. Put yourself in the shoes of the guy that lives right beside you, and you will appreciate it if you have a fence that not only offers a boundary and distinction of your property but also hands you out a bunch of functional benefits.

We at Fencing Contractors Hobart provides innovative and modern solutions to make the most out of your outdoor space. We understand that property owners like you want your area to be functional and visually satisfying at the same time. But we’re taking it to another level by adding security. We build fences and gates according to your specifications, with the objective of transforming your home or property into a more secure, aesthetically pleasing, and functional space.

As a locally-owned company, we guarantee premium material construction for fences to our local clientele. We want you to become the best neighbour. With a professional and highly-trained crew, we pride ourselves on providing personalised service to every client.

Fencing Hobart

If you live in Hobart, the good news is we have a long line of services related to building fences and gates for residential as well as commercial settings. You can pick from an extensive array of fencing options, including colour bond boundary fencing, fabricated aluminium panel fencing, glass pool fencing, render panel fencing, front boundary pillar walling and in-fill panels, and many more.


Fencing Contractors Hobart offers a wide range of fencing designs and styles, including residential and commercial applications.

Why Choose Fencing Contractors Hobart

If you love and care for your private property, you won’t hesitate in the prospect of investing in fences. The fence is an essential addition to your home not only because it provides security, but also because it significantly improves your home’s aesthetic value. Modern fences are entirely different from the earlier ones built back in the day. For instance, we at Fencing Contractors Hobart offer an extensive range of designs, all of which are intended to provide function and visual improvement in one.

Achieve the Privacy You Need with Our Fencing Solutions

The one thing homeowners like you must understand is that you bought a home to have privacy for you and your family. You do not intend to share your property with your neighbour or anyone who has free access to your walkway and straight to your main door. If you live in a suburban neighbourhood, more so you need to consider building a fence on your property. Yes, everyone wants to become a friendly and welcoming neighbour, including you. However, you also need privacy – the one you envision where you can build a patio or pergola and drink your morning coffee outside without anyone disturbing you, and that’s only possible through fencing.



Fencing Products and Services We Offer

Keep Your Home Secure with Hobart Fencing

More than privacy and improved visual appeal, the addition of a fence on your property keeps would-be burglars and intruders out. The addition of a fence and gate prevents unauthorised access to your property and home. The fence also prevents your kids and pets from wandering outside the bounds of your yard.

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