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Commercial Fencing Services

We at Fencing Contractors Hobart bring more than a decade of experience when it comes to commercial fencing and related services. If you are looking to build a fence for your commercial property or business establishment, we’re giving away the most reasonable deal in Hobart and neighbouring areas. Our commercial fencing installations come with extended quality warranties along with the best price – two things you usually do not get from other contractors.


Our commercial fencing services include a vast array of materials for building your premium quality fence, including but not limited to wood, metal, PVC or vinyl, chain link, and ornamental fencing. We also cater to related business and commercial needs like the installation of automatic gates. Whether you are hoping to add some flair to your retail storefront or you need additional protection for your warehouse, we are glad to help you with customised fencing solutions tailored to your needs and preferences.

Commercial Fences

We treat each commercial fencing need as different and unique. That way, clients like you get the guarantee that the fencing solution you’re getting is designed to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the ideal fence for different settings and conditions. We satisfy the requirements for fences in factories and warehouses, malls, apartment complexes, retail stores, parks, office buildings, towers, and government buildings.


Business and commercial space owners, for the most part, will also request for the installation of automatic gates as part of the package of a highly-secured fencing solution. Thankfully, we have the experience and skilled team to build a system that’s just right for your requirements. Unlike most other contractors, we guarantee that the job gets done within the agreed-upon budget, as well as finished on time.

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Ornamental Fencing Solutions

Although fences and gates built for commercial and industrial settings are primarily for security and safety reasons, it is no secret that new and modern designs also add some style and aesthetic improvement. One notable example is ornamental fencing. We’ve been installing a lot of stylish fencing made from different materials for commercial establishments, for our clients aiming at improving the front fascia or overall appearance of their buildings and structures. If you want your retail space to stand out and lure in clients, you must consider investing in ornamental fencing.

Field and Farm Fencing

If you own a farm or ranch, we can build an extensive fencing system without the hefty price tag. Tell us how much money you intend to put on building a fence, and we’ll work something out. Wherever you are in Hobart or neighbouring areas, we cater to your needs. Our team comes with the experience and extensive knowledge of the choicest materials to use for building fences and gates in varying conditions. If you want your livestock kept safe and secure, you must build a fence.

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