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Residential Fencing Services

When it comes to residential fencing, our primary concern is to ensure yours will perform the way it is supposed to. The present-day fences we see everywhere focus on aesthetics rather than function. We do not have any issues with fences in homes that look awesome, but we believe that a fence must serve its original purpose of making you and your family feel secure in your property.  With our designs, having both functions can be a reality.


Residential fencing can be attractive and yet does not need to be fancy or expensive. If you want the best ideas for your property, you must insist on working with a fencing Hobart contractor that offers high-quality material construction, excellent build and design, and a reasonable price.


Fencing Contractors Hobart specialises in custom fences for residential applications. We are a locally-owned business with more than five years of in-field experience in providing fencing as well as gate solutions for the residents of Hobart and neighbouring areas. With our residential fencing services, we offer customised construction and installation for your property. As a valued client, you have the right to choose and demand how you want your fence to look. Of course, the concept is to come up with something that offers practical function and visual improvement of your outdoor space at the same time.


If you haven’t been seriously considering the installation of a fence on your property, it is about time that you do. There are several advantages you may not even know.

Residential Security Fences

The primary use of a residential fence is to protect you and your property. It is a practical and reasonably priced method of deterrence, particularly discouraging intruders and stray animals from venturing into your yard and eventually your house.

Safety Fences

The fence acts as a boundary and limitation for your kids and pets. If you usually leave them outside to play, there is a chance they could wander off to the road or other people’s property if you do not install a fence on your property. If you have a swimming pool, you most likely will need a fence and locking gates, too, since most if not all localities and regions require them for safety reasons.

Privacy Fences

A lot of homeowners decide to build a fence not just for security or safety reasons, but also for privacy. You bought a house because you feel like it is time for you to get the privacy you and your family needs; something you didn’t have back when you were still renting an apartment or living with your parents. But if you live in a dense neighbourhood or your lot is unusually close to your neighbour, then it means you probably do not feel you’ve achieved the privacy you need. Whenever you sit on your outdoor furniture, pergola, or patio to have a cup of coffee in the morning, it feels like your annoying neighbour can get to you in just a couple of steps unhindered. The addition of a fence gives you that sense of boundary and limitation, eventually giving you an opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space with privacy.


So, the time has come, and you’ve decided to invest in a fence. We’re here to give you the assistance you need.

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